From Writer’s Block to Goal Achievement

Occasionally I have a case of writer’s block. As in, I have one right now. So, since that is the case I am going to write about whatever comes to my mind.


And at the moment, that happens to be moving. Yep. Moving.


Currently I am in the process of helping my better half move to the apartment where we will be staying for the next year once we get married.


Simply put, the experience has been nothing short of a nightmare.


Nothing is going as planned.


Everything in the apartment seems to be broken.


We were lied to about the time we were supposed to start moving stuff in.


Electrical and plumbing issues are more common than mosquitoes in Houston, Texas during the recent floods.


Not a single thing was cleaned. There were even crumbs on the stove from the last tenant.


And, to top it all off, management hasn’t done a thing to help.


For the past 4 days it has been difficult to concentrate on anything outside of getting people to do the job they signed up for. Weird.


However, I have not let that affect my goals and my lifestyle.


I am still consistently hitting my workouts as I find I am so much more productive when I do.


Mental clarity, focus and calm throughout the day are just a few of the listed benefits from consistent exercise that come to mind.


I am still keeping up with my eating, although I will say that I have had a drink or two for sanity. But in regards to fueling my body properly, I have still found ways to make it work amidst the chaos.


And, I have also not let this affect my working schedule.


Miraculously, I am still able to keep up with clients and am fully focused on them throughout the session.


The bottom line is this: Life happens. It is always going to throw some kind of twist at us that didn’t go as planned and forces us to rethink our life ambitions.


Don’t be that person that allows outside circumstance and unforeseen events dictate the course and direction of your life.


Instead, find ways to deal with the stress in a positive manner (maybe have a drink or two for those of you over 21), suck it up and be an adult about it, and continue forth towards your goals.


In the end you will look back on the experience and understand that it was at those trying times when it was the most important to stick to your goals.




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