The 6 Week Survival Strength Program

So last week I posted an article detailing the physical attributes that I thought would be necessary in a post-apocalyptic world; specifically a zombie apocalypse. I also said I would create a workout program designed to help you survive and thrive in that particular sticky situation.

Here it is… Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


The Survival Strength Program:

This is intended to be performed 3 days out of the week. I’d recommend a Monday, Wednesday, Friday split. Ensure you are resting adequately on the days off as the recovery is ALWAYS the key! Repeat this for 4-6 weeks and you will surely survive the end of days.┬áBest of Luck!

Pull-ups 3×18-20
Body weight squats 3×40 (slow and controlled)
Hanging leg raises 3×30 (slow and controlled)
Sandbag (or other awkward object) carries x 10 total minutes*
*yes you can take breaks during this. Just keep them small.

4-6x200m sprints
Push-ups 3×35 (slow and controlled)

8 sets
Farmer Carries x 40 steps @ heaviest possible weight
10 weighted squats

Pull-ups 3×18-20

*Understand the numbers above are arrival points. If you cannot hit these numbers now, be smart and scale down. No injuries please. You would surely die in an apocalypse with a broken leg.

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