Make it a Must!; How Dog Food Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

I just have some quick thoughts on achieving goals and motivation.


They are as follows…


Many of us always preach how we really should do this or that or whatever. We also like to say that we could.


But how many of us actually say I MUST!


I’ll give you a hint; count the number of people who have hit their goal or done what they say they are going to do.


For some this is a morals/belief issue. For example, if someone says they are going to do something, you can take it to the bank that they will.


For them, word = bond. Think of the the ‘secret handshake’ you did as kids where you sealed every promise by hacking up a spit ball onto your hand before clapping it together with your buddy.


Sorry mom.


This ensured the deed would be done.


For most of us, promises aside, it becomes hard to make the time to follow through on the hamburger you agreed to with your closest friend.


So how do we achieve any kind of goal, then?


By making our ‘shoulds’ and ‘coulds,’ a must!


Tony Robbins, renowned motivational speaker, gives a good example of this. It’s called the Alpo diet.


The premise is that you invite a dozen friends to your house and tell them by the end of the month that you will lose 10 pounds. If you don’t, tell them you will eat a can of Alpo in front of them.


NOTE: Alpo is a can of dog food. Not the dry bits, but nasty, smelly animal parts sealed in a can. Enjoy that thought.


This presents an unfortunate reality in goal setting, albeit, effective.


People rarely improve because of the pleasure of the goal; instead it is the pain of the consequences of not achieving it that serves as the best motivator.


So if you want to hit your goal, and quick, find your can of Alpo dog food and tell your friends. I would put down money that you hit it (not really; I’m not that generous)!


Find your ‘must!’




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