Lewis Howes Answers Some of My Questions

This past week I have had the opportunity to connect with a man by the name of Lewis Howes.


Some of you may recognize him, some of you may not. Nonetheless I will give him the proper accolades.


Lewis is a former professional arena football player turned mega-successful entrepreneur and author in his quest to achieve greatness.


Currently he hosts the “School of Greatness Podcast,” which interviews the likes of Olympic gold medalists, CEO’s of billion dollar companies, revolutionary doctors and scientists as well as leading influencers across varying industries to learn what makes them tick.


To say that Lewis is a successful guy would be a vast understatement, which is why I am incredibly grateful that he took the time to respond to a few of my own questions.


Because Lewis is a busy guy I did not want to waste his time with a page full of questions (and because he probably would not have answered had I done so), so I narrowed the possible book of questions that I had for him down to just four that I hope will be beneficial to you.


My goal in this was to provide you with some insight into the health habits of the highly successful and Lewis is certainly one who takes this aspect of his life very seriously.


So, without boring you with further diatribes, here is the good stuff:



So I am curious to know, how does your health affect your work and your relationships?



It is everything.


If I don’t work out regularly (my goal is daily) and eat right, my energy goes down pretty fast. I feel sluggish and tired and don’t have as much mental energy to make decisions for my business.


I don’t have as much patience and clarity in my relationships either. Health is number one!



Is there a certain way that you manage your stress levels and if so, how?



I really try to meditate daily, either when I wake up or when I go to bed.


I’m really loving Headspace right now because they are simple, 10 minute guided meditations I can quickly access on my phone.


Working out is, again, a huge part of managing my stress. I also get out of my condo every day, even if just to take a walk, to make sure I’m seeing the sun and appreciating wherever I am.



What is the one (best) piece of health advice that you would give to someone?



Treat your body like the temple that it is.


It’s your biggest ally but it can’t take care of itself. Taking care of your health lets you perform at your peak in every area of your life.



Do you have six-pack abs (everyone wants to know)?



Hahahaha no not right now. I need to hang out with Steve Weatherford more often.


As you can see, even the massively successful make the time in their busy schedules to prioritize their health.


And, hopefully, from this brief email interview I hope that you will as well, because it truly is, as Lewis says, “number one.”


My own, personal take-away from this interview is that health is not something that you just happen to be able to fit into your schedule.


Lewis flies all over the country conducting interviews with incredibly successful people and also runs his own business teaching others how to follow in his footsteps.


This man is incredibly short on time, more so than us mere mortals.


If he can find the time to exercise daily, as he says and still manage to eat healthy and meditate, then so can we.


And even though the last question was meant to be a bit of a comedic twist, it also serves a purpose:


Lewis is a very healthy and athletic guy. In fact, he also is on the men’s national handball team along with being a former football player.


However, even he does not have abs.


Nobody is perfect. He is human too.


And I hope that you understand that the point of health is not perfection.


Instead, it is in the process of constantly and intentionally improving yourself in order that you live a more wholesome and enjoyable life with those you love, and from what I understand, Lewis certainly accomplishes this.



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Also, for more information on Lewis Howes or The School of Greatness Podcast, simply click on the linked text located within the article or go and buy his book, ‘The School of Greatness.’


I again want to thank Lewis and his team for taking the time out of their busy schedule to further progress and spread the incredible benefits of health and fitness.

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