3 Key Things to Fat Loss in the Work Place

What’s up everyone!

So, I’ve noticed a common theme recently…. “Hey, Gus.. How do I make good, healthy decisions at work??”

Great question. Here’s the thing… The gym is my favorite place on this earth. My seem a bit exaggerated, but unless you personally know me, you probably can’t quite relate.

I spend all day in the gym. I get there at around 5 in the morning. I leave sometime around 7:30 or 8 at night. In between those hours, I train lots of people, visit with even more people, sell fitness stuff and, oh yea, workout.

It is my second home.

A little about my situation: For me, staying healthy is easy. Ever heard of the saying “you are a product of your environment?” Or maybe “You are the average of the 5 people you associate closest with?” For you business-y types “Your net worth is your network?”

Starting to catch the drift? I have made it my living to associate, eat, breathe and sleep (done it before) all things gym.


Because my passion is to help people get healthy. I have surrounded myself with all things ‘health and fitness.’

So this begs the question… How do people who don’t literally live at the gym, get healthy and into good shape?

How do those who work in places that are not-quite-so-health-oriented get ahead on their fat loss goals?

Below, I have answered with the following points:


1. Have a written plan


What do all successful people have in common with each other?

Here is a big clue… look at the heading. Talk to just about anyone that has become successful, be it in fitness or business or health, life, whatever. They have a written plan.

Why climb the ladder of success only to realize that your ladder was leaning against the wrong building.

Know what you goals are, write them down, and then write several action steps that will allow you to walk purposefully toward that goal.

For me, that plan is a written workout log along with my goal at the top of the page. Yes, I write my goal down every day to know what I am aiming at. Then I make sure that the workout below matches with that goal.

For those of you trying to lose weight, this is my suggestion. Write down a ‘not-to-eat’ list. Make a list of the foods that you know are ‘kryptonite’ to your weight loss journey and tape it up on your fridge. Make another list and keep it duct-taped and/or super glued to your work desk so that you see it as much as possible.

This is your written plan.

*side note: maybe ask your boss before you super glue a list down to their desk…


2. Find healthy friends


If you have hefty friends that go out every day at lunch to buffalo wild wings or mcdonald’s please find healthier friends.

This is not to say, never talk to them again, but please understand that you pick up the habits of those that are closest to you.

If you think “nah. I’ll be fine.” Then go ahead and ignore this one, however studies show that having a positive support group is one of the biggest factors (top 3) for people trying to elicit change in their life.

Trust me. You need someone to have your back when the co-worker brings doughnuts into the workplace.

Hell. I still need help around doughnuts and I’m the fitness professional.


3. Single task


Don’t try and conquer everything at once. By that I mean, don’t all of a sudden decide that you will go from 8 16 oz. sodas a day to ‘cold-turkey.’ Don’t make a promise to yourself that you will no longer succumb to the siren’s call of lays potato chips (you really can’t have just one). And don’t think that you will go from professional couch potato to 5k in 2 weeks.

That is too much, too quick.

You may be thinking ‘But, Gus! You said…”

Trust me. I know what I said. But heed my words right now… Willpower has been proven in multiple studies to fade. It runs out. Physically, it has been shown to cause fatigue in other areas that also require this resource.

So, therefore, the name of the game is single-tasking. Pick one thing that you wish to change and focus your efforts there for about 1-2 weeks until it becomes habit.

Habits don’t require willpower. They are automatic. So in your health journey, the goal is to create lasting change that you can fall back on and not even think about.

Pick one thing, and ONLY one thing, and focus on that for a period of 2 weeks.


Do these 3 things above and watch your body and mind change for the better.

If you need any assistance or need help deciding which habits to choose/work on, feel free to send me an email at augustworden@gmail.com

I’m here to help.



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    1. Well the first thing I would say would be to start in the kitchen and do a little spring cleaning of the fridge and pantry.

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