The Reason Most People Wont Achieve Their Goals and What to do About It

When I was in school, I dreaded going to physics class. It was soul-sucking for me.


Why? Because I was terrible at it. I was not comfortable spending time attempting to figure out what the sum-total of all the vectors are… It just was not in my wheel house.


But, I desired to become better at it, if only because my academic standing depended on it (I was pretty diligent in high school. College is another story).


Therefore, I spent countless hours and days studying the material and practicing what I had learned through application of various problems in the back of the text books.


Then, a weird thing happened… My test grades began to improve. I found myself paying closer attention in class.


I enjoyed going to physics class. Didn’t see that coming.


Now, contrast this with a classmate.


They started, like me, with an absolute abhorrence to the subject. It was the worst part of the day for them.


Also, like me, the grades were very much sub-par.


The difference with this student, however, was that they let their feelings override their potential for success. 


Read into that statement a little more.


Their feelings got in the way of their success.


They didn’t have any different opinions of the class than i did. In fact, I probably complained about it more.


But the major difference, was that I tabled my insecurities, fears and pesky feelings of dread and dislike in order to succeed.


According to scientific study, about 95% of our actions are made based upon feelings.


So what does this mean?


For most of us, that is terrible news.


In short, you are never going to feel like doing those actions that need to be done for improved results and positive change, therefore, science says that you won’t do it.


“I’ll do it later when Im more motivated.”


“Now is not the time.”


“That makes me nervous.”


“There is no WAY I would do that.”


Any of these sound familiar? You think anything is going to change if you hear yourself spout these phrases?


The reason most people give up on their goals is because of fear.


In my example above, it is the fear of spending/wasting time a subject that is of little to no interest combined with the fear of missing out on much more enjoyable activities. Activities like watching re-runs of “friends.”


The feeling of fear is a giant-killer.


So how do we accomplish anything and begin striving towards our goals?


In short, embrace the pain as soon as you feel that feeling of dread start to rise, and, without hesitation, jump immediately into that thing.


Yea… sorry, unfortunately there is no easy fix here. This is the reason so many people fail to achieve their goals. Reality can be harsh.


So, that being said, here is a pro-tip:


Count down from 5, and do the thing standing between you and accomplishment.


Take a page from Nike. Just do it.


Here is the deal. If you wait longer than 5 seconds, you will not do it.


Your brain is designed to essentially kill the thought that scares you if you do not act on it within 5 seconds. Some weird, caveman, safety mechanism that humans have had for, well… ever in order to help us survive.


So, instead of thinking about it, (swiftly) count down from 5 and take immediate action.


Make the phone call, walk into the gym, talk to that guy or girl.


It will hurt, but you will accomplish SOOOO much more than you ever thought.


Give it a try and watch your goals become reality.


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