About Me

HEY, I’m Gus.


I created this blog with a purpose, and that is to have a way to help as many people as possible burn fat, lose inches and find confidence.


But here is the thing…


I believe that the world of health and fitness is extremely confusing and blurry. There is WAY too much information out there, and unfortunately, not all of it is correct.


And when it is, it can still be confusing.


So, my purpose is to simplify what it means to be healthy and fit as much as possible, so that you can get in the best shape of your life and achieve the body, and the confidence that comes with it, that you deserve.


So what is this ‘fitness’ thing?


Well Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the word ‘fit’ as:


physically healthy and strong.


Well, that is clear as mud.


Strong we can understand. But to understand the full definition we need to know what ‘healthy’ means.




Healthy: “having good health”


Hmmm… Still nothing that helps us.


I am going to simplify this a bit:


Look good. Feel good.


Easy enough, yes?


The truth is, is that there are so many different interpretations of, just the mere definition of the word, that it becomes easy to see why there is so much confusion surrounding the subject.


Lucky for you, that is where I come in.


My job, and conveniently, my passion, is to make fitness as easy as I possibly can, so that you too, can look good and feel good.


Within this website are my thoughts, musings and opinions on how to make this whole ‘fitness’ thing that much easier.


So click around, find something that catches your eye and pertains to you OR, just subscribe to my email list, where I will update you every time I post.




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If anything just reach out and say ‘HI.’


It would be an honor to get to know you.


In Service,