Does One Size Fit All???

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If you have ever tried to improve your eating you may find yourself following the sequence below… Step 1: I heard that Janice (acquaintance) is really losing a lot of weight on that 30-holes diet thing… Maybe I should text her to see if I should try it. The love handles are showing a little […]

3 Key Things to Fat Loss in the Work Place

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What’s up everyone! So, I’ve noticed a common theme recently…. “Hey, Gus.. How do I make good, healthy decisions at work??” Great question. Here’s the thing… The gym is my favorite place on this earth. My seem a bit exaggerated, but unless you personally know me, you probably can’t quite relate. I spend all day […]

Overcome Your Fat Loss Plateaus

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Time and time again I receive the following complaint: “I think I’ve hit a plateau. I’m not losing anymore weight and I don’t know what to do.” Well, here’s the thing… The body is an incredibly adaptable machine. Seriously. And the body will change when you tell it to. The thing is, most people believe […]